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Net-Centricity September 20, 2007

Posted by Marty Wolfe in Information Assurance, infrastructure, NCES, NCO, NCW, Net-Centricity, Netcentric, network enabled, services, SOA.
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This is a really interesting and cool area of architecture, SOA, and engineering. I read this while working in the DoD space a couple of years ago.. its a great book. Its sort of the bible..


If you are going down the SOA path or just the infrastructure services path (and/or information assurance), this is a key read.

Also, here’s another listing of sources.. some are dead links, but others are fine..

The DoD’s GIG Website..

NSA’s website.. notice the picture in lower right.. a good one.

A decent listing of resource. Page only renders in IE.. and some links out of date.

Wikipedia Entry.. pretty good.

Follow up to the NCW book from MITRE.. this one on Information Age Warefare

Interesting.. if short


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