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Cloud and Cultural Adoption June 10, 2011

Posted by Marty Wolfe in Uncategorized.

This was a great client discussion and trip to the Los Angeles area to talk about Cloud and help them determine the right first steps. It’s too bad I couldn’t meet with an old high school friend, as he was all caught up at work. Maybe next time.

One of the main topics which came up in our client discussion was the challenge of culture and cloud. The question put to me and the team went something like this..

“We want to use this Cloud model, and especially the automation, self-service and scheduling capabilities.. we think it will help us get test environments up fatster, etc. However, how do we convince the development teams to give up control? We can provide the HW part of the stack, but if we offer a common middleware stack, the developers will consider that an infringement on their ‘turf’.”

So I see this as usually a generalization of frustrated feelings and not really the whole story when I hear it. It is a problem for sure, but not everyone in development will have this kind of frustration when it comes to the underlying infrastructure, so it’s important for you to not be so binary in your thinking.

Here are the questions I asked to help the client re-shape their thinking:

1. Are there any teams in development who would be willing to try out this model?
2. Do they have a compelling reason (e.g. mandate, schedule, financial, etc.) to work with you?
3. Will any of the development teams become and advocate for your new approach? If so, start with them (see #1).
4. Have you found any common elements among the different applications? If so, go ahead and create a common image and offer it to one or more teams, especially those who would be willing to advocate for you to other teams (see #3).

While not everything to consider these are common topics you need to consider when trying to overcome cultural challenges relating to Cloud.







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