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Cloud Computing Links / Info December 1, 2008

Posted by Marty Wolfe in Uncategorized.

Well, ‘cloud computing’ is coming into its own and, as I make sure I stay current, here are links on which I keep track..

  1. Jack of all Clouds – I find this to have really good statistics from a few of the big cloud providers.  It’s not everything but it’s a one of many good sources.
  2. Infoworld Cloud Blog – A blog run by David Lithicum which I find very balanced and somewhat from an architect’s or consultant’s focus.  He’s done some linkages between SOA, EA, and Cloud Computing.
  3. Infoweek – Not sure about this one.  It seems good and I get some periodic good tidbits from here.  We’ll see.
  4. cnet – Wisdom of Clouds – I like this one.
  5. GLADINET – provides a desktop to several “cloud services”
  6. Amazon.com – of course.. one of the first big ones..
    • Amazon Web Services ..the API front end to a lot of their cloud capabilities
    • Cloudfront .. provides a front end to content delivery from their S3 service
  7. IBM Links..
  8. Microsoft’s Azure
  9. Yahoo Research’s Cloud Computing
  10. Article – Top 50 Cloud Computing Companies (not sure how they are measuring, but a pretty good starting list)


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