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Blackberry Curve 8310 .. AT & T February 25, 2008

Posted by Marty Wolfe in Uncategorized.

Well.. I had to change my provider from Sprint to AT & T. The issue was voice clarity and coverage. While I had coverage, calls would often not go through (they would go right to voice mail), or I would never get them at all. Also, Sprint did have EV-DO .. but it only worked in the small set of locations where there was full EV-DO coverage. 1XRTT appears to be slower than EDGE.

Blackberry Spec Page at this link.

In changing providers, I had to switch devices to the Blackberry Curve 8310. I like this device as well.. its much smaller, has a 2MP camera and a full keyboard. Its also quad GSM and EDGE. I have noticed that EDGE is just fine for mobile web sites.. and the AT & T coverage is more consistent. If there is coverage, then the call does have quite good quality and the call will always go through. I also use it with the Jawbone bluetooth headset. Folks are saying that voice quality of call is excellent.

Previous post on having Spring and the 8830 is at this link.



1. Latanyabw - March 24, 2008

thanks much, bro

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