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Blackberry Bold 9000 October 17, 2007

Posted by Marty Wolfe in blackberry, ev-do, sprint.

Update (2/23/2010):  I’ve been using the 9000 for some time now (about 6 months).  Lots more features, and good speed with AT&T 3G .. when I can get it.  That is getting better by the way.  It seems to be less sturdy and this is my second device.  The first one (after several months) finally had the speaker used for the speakerphone stop working.  Replacement seems good, but I’m still disappointed with AT&T’s coverage in some cities.  You get 3 bars and can’t make a call or there are lots of dropped calls.  So you are getting a cell tower channel but they can’t complete the connection to the wired network.

Update: I now have the 8830.  Its nice and responds pretty well.  I was disappointed that it was EV-DO Rev. 0 (instead of Rev. A).  It has some limited multimedia capabilities, and I am still waiting to try out a microSD card (4GB for about $50.. I’m open to recommendations on price!).   Audio quality seems quite good, but I have not been able to get a headset to work.  I recently ordered one, which was claimed to work with the 8830, and the adaptor did not fit.  So I’m continuing to try.  I did get a Samsung bluetooth headset, it works fine (pairs up easily), but the audio does not have high frequency response, so folks often sound muffled and it does not handle background noise well at all.  It does have good battery life.  In a quiet environment it works fine.  However, I would prefer to not use Bluetooth due to all the radiation next to my head.

Also, I am able to use this as a modem via the USB cable (I have not tried Bluetooth for that..).  Download speeds are from 350Kbps – 550Kbps per sec and upload has been from 40Kbps to 99Kbps.  I went to a bandwidth test tool on my laptop when using this as a modem.

Our company uses Lotus Notes as the e-mail system, and I receive e-mails and appointments between 2 – 10 minutes from the actual send time.

As I use it, I’ll probably post more thoughts on it.


Update: I just called Sprint tech support. They confirmed the 8830 does have rev. a support. We’ll see It guess.

It appears I am getting a blackberry 8830 from work, and being switched to Sprint. I have heard many good things about the 8830, but the one I cannot seem to find out.. does it support EV-DO rev. a data access? Its starting to look like it does not, but I guess I’ll find out in a week or so. Once I have some experiences with it, I’ll probably post some of that here.



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2. oweseesia - December 12, 2009

True words, some authentic words man. Totally made my day!

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